Steven's Questionnaire

  1. What kind of economic policies would you encourage for the country to use?

I propose a circular economy that would incentivize the production of renewable commodities, disincentivize nonrenewable commodities (like increasing the gas tax 1 cent a year because Congress has not increased the tax in 28 years), and promote more opportunities for the youth to serve the USA in order to pay for student loans instead of forgiving them. 

  1. What are your views on the Iran Nuclear Deal?

I do not have faith or trust in the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore, do not agree with the Iran Nuclear deal where Iran can enrich nuclear material.

  1. What are your views on the idea of restoring Net Neutrality?


  1. What are your views on Rank Choice Voting?

Yes, I won my election in 2016 in a runoff because the City of Boynton Beach requires elected leaders to win by a majority.

  1. Would you encourage legislation to reverse Governor Ron DeSantis's implement of the Office of Election Crimes and Security, and instead, encourage already existing laws on the books to discourage election fraud while not infringing on people's rights to vote?

Having faith in the election process is important to me; however, I would clarify the 15th amendment that anyone who is not incarcerated should have their voting rights restored automatically.

  1. What are your thoughts on foreign relations with China?

I studied abroad at the China University of Political Science and Law. My knowledge of China, a 5000 year old empire and communist country, is that they want to regain their position as the SuperPower on planet Earth. I understand our capitalistic society will take opportunities in China; however, I would encourage working with allies and disincentivize working with countries that do not uphold our pledge of allegiance for liberty and justice for all. 

  1. What are your thoughts on the recently passed Infrastructure Bill?

I would want our Federal government to have a balanced budget except for situations when Congress has  declared war. Investment in resilient and sustainable infrastructure is paramount and this should have had a revenue generating component.

  1. What would you do in office to help alleviate the Housing Crisis in the U.S. and in Florida?

End 1031 exchanges and increase capital gains taxes for amounts of $400,000.00

  1. What are your thoughts on foreign relations with Israel and Palestine?

I have family in Israel, so I will defend the right of Israel to defend itself. Faith and trust are paramount with self-determination; I would work with Islamic nations to recognize Israel's existence under the principle that Abraham had two sons Ismail and Isaac. In order for Islamic countries to stop fighting a proxy war with Israel by using Palestine.


  1. Would you continue supporting the January 6th Committee?



  1. Would you consider drafting an amendment to make it a Right to Vote?

Yes, and I would amend the voter rights act to combat gerrymandering.


  1. Would you consider drafting an amendment to create a general Right to Privacy?



  1. What are your views on foreign relations in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean?

The USA needs to work with corporations to create Public Private Partnership projects with nations in the Western Hemisphere. The current sentiment of our Federal government is they forget about the Monroe Doctrine and we should view promoting human rights as an obligation.

  1. What are your views on Russia invading Ukraine?

The war is similar to the USA's invasion of Iraq, in that the purpose is for oil. I would mobilize troops because the self-determination of Ukraine is at stake; where I believe a domino effect could happen to have more despotic nations on our planet.   


  1. What are your views on the Supreme Court?

Term limits of 14 years and can be reappointed if the President chooses, Senate reconfirmation is not needed.


  1. What are your views on police reform?

The funding is needed for civilian services as the Police are our first line dealing with mental health illnesses that turn violent. 


  1. What are your views on Climate Change?

Climate change is an inevitable aspect of living on planet Earth, I believe the increase of air pollution has led to the following symptoms: hotter summers and colder winters; more severe and frequent natural disasters; and severe health issues for all people. The air, land, and water pollution for the past two centuries has accumulated to epic levels and climate change is affecting the planet negatively. As Senator, I would propose and incentivize a sustainable and resilient economy by providing grants for expanded recycling and clean incineration programs; nominally increasing taxes on polluting products (such as increasing the federal gas tax one cent a year); and restoring our forests and creating urban greenspaces.


  1. What are your views on the Federal Reserve?

Good, however, normally too little too late. 


  1. What are your views on American Indian relations?

I do not have much information on current relations, past relations were not good and I believe the Americorps should be deployed to assist where wanted on Native American reservations.


  1. How would you implement term limits for House Representatives and Senators?

Similar to the 22nd amendment or pass a bill for 2 terms for Senators and 5 terms for Representatives.


  1. Would you consider drafting legislation to allow all Americans equal access to a Vote by Mail Ballot?



  1. What is your policy on abortion?

 I support the constitutional liberty of privacy, specifically the ability for persons to make informed medical decisions. Congress needs to codify the right to family planning services. Family planning is an essential aspect of life and no government should abridge an individual’s freedom to make their own medical and life decisions. The Supreme Court ruling of Hobbs v. Jackson allows for the criminalization of abortion, I disagree with this ruling. The ruling creates a no-win scenario even worse when a woman has an unwanted pregnancy or an unhealthy fetus from accessing approved medical procedures that are in their best interest. As Senator, I would advocate for the constitutional right for privacy to make informed medical decisions.


  1. What are your views on climate change?

See 17.


  1. What are your views on Public Transportation?

I was a director for the local Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Palm Tran Service Board, and the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board while Mayor for Boynton Beach, Florida. Mass transit, micro mobility, and complete streets (environmental design) needs to be support.


  1. What are your views on American Education? 

I would encourage and incentivize students to stay in school longer and not necessarily graduate high school at 18. The suggestion that students should graduate with their peers of their own age seems to lose a lot of meaning as an adult. A student should learn at their own pace as we are no longer educating our youth to work in factories.   


  1. Would you consider drafting legislation to help limit the commerce on tobacco and nicotine products?

Yes, and I do own stock in tobacco companies and would not prevent adults from purchasing tobacco. I would change the ATF and require ingredients to be included in packaging.  


  1. Would you consider drafting legislation to allow all U.S. Elections on a federal level to allow Open Primary Elections?

Even though I do not want to be represented by political parties anymore, I would not prevent closed primaries where the ballot has another named candidate (not write-in). Furthermore, I would support not allowing political parties from having two names for the presidency.


  1. What are your thoughts on healthcare reform in general?

Healthcare billing and insurance is full of collusion and corruption. I would not allow the industry to charge an inflated price to insurance companies the amount the medical professionals are willing to accept.